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Against the Current, My Life with Cerebral Palsy

by Dr. Bob Segalman, Full Court Press, Verona, WI, 2009.

"Born in 1942, Dr. Bob Segalman’s parents insisted on mainstreaming him several decades before inclusion was even conceptualized. As a result, Dr. Bob received two doctoral degrees and is the successful-- and for the most part, the sole--advocate for the implementation of Speech-to-Speech phone services for people with speech disabilities, which have since, thanks to his relentless efforts, been adopted across the country."

This is his story.

Against the Current, My Life with Cerebral Palsy

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An amazing story about Bob's victory over his disability, December 31, 2013
J. Parfrey (Denver, CO)

This review is from: Against The Current (Spiral-bound)

Having been a friend of Bob's for nearly fifty years, I might be accused of having a bias in strongly recommending this book to all disabled and able-bodied people. But I don't need that bias to say that this book is so important, especially for us 'able-bodied' types.

For those of us who have never lived with a disability, it's impossible to know what it is to live with that disability day in and day out. What is it like to be disabled in all stages of life? What is it like to try to express yourself when your body will never cooperate? What kinds of issues do disabled people have to deal with in all phases of life? For the answer to many if not all of these questions, all you have to do is to read Bob's book.

This book is a story of Bob's life, and how Bob has never let his cerebral palsy define him. His courage and determination to be heard and loved and understood outside of that framework have taught me so much about living my own life.

If you want to get a story about disability 'from the source', you couldn't find a better book than Bob's. And it is told with candor and his always-present well-honed sense of humor.

Bob used his passion to be heard into a non-profit that gives a voice to many people with speech disabilities, Speech-to-Speech (www.speechtospeech.org). I support them and I hope that after reading this book, you will do the same. Or just do it anyway. There are many like Bob who will benefit from this superb service.

John Parfrey, Denver Colorado December 31, 2013

fascinating, March 20, 2013

This review is from: Against The Current (Spiral-bound)

Great book. I'm a healthcare professional, yet I knew very little about the psychosocial aspects of life with cerebral palsy. Dr. Segalman's book is a fast read with fascinating insight into a world most people will never know or understand. Well worth the price. I wish I would have went to his website first, because apparently for the same price the author will sign and ship. I'm not sure if that is still the case, though

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